Virus – A “Cure” To The New World Order

Virus. A simple word, yet of untamed nature. We fear it. Consistently worried when it would hit us.

I say, let’s embrace it!

We practically live our lives in every aspect of the virtual world – Social mass media. In other words, we pretty much behave like those in the movies of surrogates and the matrix, plugged into a virtual world and cease to exist in the natural realm.

Yes I am making a bold statement!

Wouldn’t you agree that we are guilty of constantly being online via Facebook, Twitter, Google, and etc? Hence, our typical face-to-face conversations/arguments and even emotions have eventually go virtual.

So, what if one day, someone shuts the Internet down with virus, what change would it bring to us?

Here’s the list of my top 5 change

1) The realization of our beautiful world.

2) Becoming physically fitter hence removing the notion of computer geeks.

3) Declination of myopia.

4) Meaningful face-to-face conversations – no more excuses for the lack of face time.

5) Picking up of new skills with the extra time.

I guess since Yan can cook, so can we!


~ by Francis Sky on March 17, 2011.

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