Borat for President

Ah the time of the year has come and it will be a dawn of a new era – for the Presidency of course. Here are some little ways that Borat choose to make use of the Internet in promoting his campaign. Better yet, it was all up close and personal.

Well, we all know the type of troubles candidates face and the uphill battles of trying to convince people in making their best choice in voting – especially for you and not your opponent. Surely knows that nobody wants a stressed out, gloomy and sad-looking personality, thats why Borat opted to go with a smiley campaign ad.

Verdict: Borat +1

How do you want to keep track of your popularity? Join the Cult and have a Facebook!

Here is the official Borat for President Facebook page.

Verdict: Borat +2

Now, to show that Borat really mean business by further promoting his campaign, there are plenty of video teasers that Borat has came up with in his bid for election.

Verdict: Borat +10

Of course, nobody wants a depress and yet chubby fat old-geaser to be President right!?

So check Borat out! Working and burning those fats in the gym to stay in shape for his long and tiring campaign.

Verdict: Borat +25

Now, being smiley and fit is really just not enough. Its always IMPORTANT to know your people and spending some time with them!

Verdict: Borat +539

Look at the impact Borat has already done. Singing a song that makes a little girl cry, having the judges on American Idol feel that Borat has got talent – there’s no need for Will.I.Am to do a set about Yes We Can, and in addition, stepping into the supermarket to understand the types of food that people consume. Of course there is a special need to show that one has got talent. It is also critical for Borat to show how cultural he can be.

Verdict: Borat +896

Eehemm.. minus the later part of oopsy in the video. Lesson to Learn – never have any indecent backgrounds! Never know how they might affect and ruin your campaign!

Verdict: Borat +800

As always, once hitting the high flying personality mark, you will automatically gain an interview with no other but David Letterman!

*Note To Self – Always Important To Leave An Impression! 

Verdict: Borat +1000 and counting…

Lastly, travel around and check out what sort of policy works and what does not. Make amendments, change and adapt in order to improve your standard and make your mark.


~ by Francis Sky on April 21, 2011.

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