The Future Of Learning

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Moviemakers are visionaries. They pave our worlds with ideas and dreams. That it eventually creates a reality that we would want to live in.

As the current way of learning is down right boring and too old school, isn’t it super cool to be able to break away from the ‘OLD’ norm of learning that we exists?

Although I do love the Old School but it is time for education to be up to speed with technology.

We’ll be looking forward till the day when education and technologies fully converged as one.

Here are some of the nominees.

1)   Star Wars and the Hologram

2)   Matrix and the Speed Reading

3)   Minority Report and the Touch Screen Technology

4)   Inception and the Dreams

5)   Back to the Future and the Time Travel Car


The “What If” on E-Commerce.

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Recently as posted by The New York Times on February 11 2011, Borders, the big time 40-year-old bookselling chain that defined the word of “book superstore”, has filed for Bankruptcy!

Although, it was widely expected as Borders continues to lose out in competitions through sales online, who could really blame them for not catching up with the technological train of the Internet?

Even if there’s an old saying of “Better late than never”, Borders never really do stand a chance against the likes of

In fact, one major piece of mistake in business that Borders had done was when they contracted out their e-commerce business to Amazon back in 2001!

“Talk about screwing yourself in the a**!!”

Amazon practically “pioneered” the business of online retail, founded in 1994 and went online in 1995. Starting out mainly in selling e-books. Now, Amazon has diversified itself further in sales from music to DVDs to furniture to food and even more. Needless to say, Amazon doesn’t stop growing. They even posted recent quarterly revenue of $12.95 billion that stands for 36 percent rise in revenue.


Even if Borders had filed for a protection in bankruptcy, a major revamp of itself would still face an uphill task in competing like for like against the major players in e-commerce.


In other words, we should be prepared if our dearest beloved Borders turned prehistoric and extinct like the dinosaurs.

Social Media the “Cure”

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Could social media like twitter or facebook really be therapeutic?

Like are u serious!?

A simple click of the button “Post”, everyone would be able to share your thoughts and feelings. That goes to say, we eventually fall under the microscope of everyone. Is that really therapeutic?


As David Letterman has put it, “twitter would be the indicator of the beginning to the end of civilization, it won’t be global warming, and it won’t be world conflict”.

Although researchers termed social media as “being therapeutic” as it fills the psychological needs of individuals. However, I would seriously beg to differ.

So seriously, how is this therapeutic again?

Spreading the word of love…

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Ah.. Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

What better way could there be to tell the entire world that you love someone, no matter who or what they are, than the use of media?

Well Chris Medina has brought that to a whole new level. Singing the song of “Breakeven” by The Script, with a little touch of Medina, its no wonder the girls are drooling all over and wishing that we (boyfriends) would do the same thing.

*Damn it! Chris now we all have to outdo you before the ladies start running.

I have to admit it, I missed it when it was on television but it was really fantastic to be able to catch it on youtube. Although it was just an audition, it worked wonders, as I am also feeling so emotional.

Hope you enjoy and lets spread the love.

Evolution and The Internet

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Isn’t it simply just amazing how far along that we have came about???

Think about it.

Back then we were just like them..

Enthralled by the complex idea of creating fire, parading with our bushy long hair and our Stone Age coolest” looking outfit.

Then we moved on.. going GAGA all over the idea of television.

Now.. we’re in the Age of Technology.

Thanks to those awesome geniuses putting in their complex ideas and creative minds..

We now have… the World Wide Web.












Seriously, if it weren’t for you guys, we would be stuck in the year of Year One just like Jack Black and Michael Cera.

Thank you for giving the internet to us.